Corporate Training & Team Building

Transform your compliance, product, safety, and professional skills training and turn them into more memorable, active and effective learning experiences.

Turn your corporate training and team building into engaging and interactive Seppo games.

You can create gamified training and team-building activities for any business function and all stakeholders, from employees to subcontractors and resellers, with the Seppo gamification platform.

Seppo games are an agile way of training: All participants can join the game anywhere, at any time to play it either individually or in groups. –No need to worry about getting everyone in one place at once to be trained.

What Can You Train With Seppo?


Get your team interacting like never before. Seppo games are an ideal tool for team-building.

Strategy and Value Workshops

Make strategy and value processes understandable and bind them to real work tasks.

Safety & Compliance

Mandatory training does not have to be boring. Active participation adds memorability and increases long-term effectiveness.

Work Well-Being

Drive work well-being by implementing gamified questionnaires and directing activity days. Collect results and improve processes.

Professional Skills

Learning by doing is effective. Use Seppo to create a more effective training experience. Combine various subject-based learning tasks.


Use Seppo to direct consistent hands-on product training for your resellers and subcontractors.

Mobile Training Enables Participants to Learn, React, Create, and Communicate

Create gamified training and well-being activities for any business function and all stakeholders. Increase interactivity, engagement, and collaboration. Training done with Seppo challenges participants and makes progress visible, while active participation adds memorability.

Seppo games can be played alone or in groups.

Remote Training and Events With Seppo

With Seppo gamification platform you can add engagement, activity, and communication to your events and training sessions, no matter where your participants are.

Seppo games bring everyone together, and our in-game chat and create & comment exercise type promote communication between players.

Join the trend of remote and hybrid work solutions with Seppo.

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Other Solutions

Gamified change management

Change Management

Bring your people together after a merger or implement a new strategy or company values more effectively with a Seppo game. Any change management process can be boosted up with gamification to achieve better results.

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gamified onboarding in a warehouse


Get your new employees acquainted with your organisation, their new team, and the important things they need to know in an engaging, fun, and effective way with Seppo.

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Gamified recruitment


Introduce your company to prospective applicants, receive applications, or test the skills of your selected applicants with a game and add engagement and joy to your recruitment process.

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Read What Others Say About Seppo

Strategy Introduction With A Seppo Game

Airpro reformed its company strategy, and to communicate it to all its employees, it introduced a Seppo game. The company noticed the potential of Seppo in internal communications, and now Seppo games are currently used in other contexts too.

Rosita Diop, Airpro

Communications Specialist, Airpro

Corporate Training And Onboarding With Seppo

Stockmann's numerous employees are trained using the department store's own e-learning portal and nowadays also with Seppo. With Seppo, training can be done anywhere and at any time.

Juha-Matti Nuuja, Stockmann

People Development Specialist

Gamified Team Building

Allseas gamified their team building with Seppo. Read the story to find out how the game activated employees, and increased collaboration & communication among employees.

Sanne Cransberg, HR Project manager & Manon van den Berg, Unit Head Learning & Development, Allseas

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