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Magical Learning Moments

Our team consists of skilled professionals from a variety of disciplines, all with a shared passion for learning. Our mission is to provide professionals worldwide with the tools to enable magical learning moments.

Riku Alkio
Tero Kulha
COO, Partner
Katerina Eskelinen
Head of Corporate Sales
Alina Olkkonen
Sales and Marketing Specialist
Riika Räisänen
Head of Marketing
Salli Pirneskoski
Customer Success Manager
Santeri Jaakkola
Head of Production
Anna-Mari Jääskeläinen
Support Specialist & Trainer
Eeva Myller
Head of User Experience, Product Owner
Toni Komu
Senior Developer
Toni Nyberg

Our emails are in the form of firstname.lastname@seppo.io.

Seppo team jumping

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