Strategy Introduction With A Seppo Game

Airpro reformed its company strategy, and to communicate it to all its employees, it introduced a Seppo game. The company noticed the potential of Seppo in internal communications, and now Seppo games are currently used in other contexts too.
Rosita Diop, Airpro

Communications Specialist, Airpro

Strategy Introduction To All Airpro Employees With A Seppo Game

Airpro offers various air travel-related services for all stages of a flight, both nationally and internationally. Airpro reformed its company strategy, and to communicate it to all its employees, it introduced a Seppo game. The company noticed the potential of Seppo in internal communications, and games are currently used in other contexts too.

You can encounter Airpro personnel at 11 Finnish airports. The company produces various air travel-related services, such as security checks, aircraft ground handling, and cabin crew services.

When Airpro reformed its strategy, the responsible team started to seek a suitable way of communicating the strategy to all its employees regardless of their position or location. One of the team members had used Seppo in their previous workplace, and so Seppo was decided to be introduced at Airpro too.

Seppo replaced a traditional PowerPoint presentation

Airpro developed a strategy game, which included all of the main points of the newly launched strategy. The game also includes animations and videos.

“We have received good feedback about the game, and the format of the game has been considered good. A game to be played has been perceived to be a more pleasant way of communicating the strategy than a traditional PowerPoint presentation,” says Rosita Diop, Communications Specialist at Airpro.

Diop describes that the strategy game also included various tasks, which were based on a strategy video, and information processed in separate events, that had been led by supervisors. The strategy game was also a functional channel to gain as many viewers as possible for the strategy video.

Quote by Rosita Diop saying "If you did well in the game, this meant that you had understood the strategy"

Business culture made familiar with an onboarding game

As a result of the positive feedback received for the strategy game, other games have also been created at Airpro, such as an onboarding game, which shall be introduced shortly.

The onboarding game is part of the company’s HR project, which aims to clarify the onboarding process of new employees.

“In the new onboarding game, we focus on introducing Airpro as a company to the player. The game also helps players familiarize themselves with Airpro’s management and administrative support measures and shares information that is useful for the employees and their career paths,” says Diop.

The onboarding game is intended to be sent to new employees at a very early stage, perhaps as soon as an employee has been selected for Airpro. Hopes are that the new employee would already have played the game before arriving at their first training.

Operational onboarding of various fields is always organized separately, but the onboarding game can effectively communicate Airpro’s business culture in an interesting way. Diop continues:

“The game includes an inspiring animation with the topic of onboarding, and it is a tool to welcome the worker to Airpro. I hope new employees find themselves happily proud to be part of Airpro from the very beginning of their journey.”

An illustration of an airport with crew and plane

Good response percentage with the ‘Which one?’–uniform edition

Other games used at Airpro include the ‘Which one?’ uniform questionnaire game and the Airpro-Finnish-Airpro dictionary. The ‘Would you be a suitable security officer?’ game is also being developed and is currently still at a design level.

Rosita Diop says that the questionnaire game, known by the name ‘Which one?’ (Kumman kaa) –uniform edition received outstanding results. The game’s purpose was to gather staff opinions on the new uniforms, and the response percentage for the game was excellent.

The answers to the uniform game shall be utilized when selecting and acquiring new uniforms.

Seppo has also been used at Airpro to create the Airpro-Finnish-Airpro dictionary game as onboarding material, and it shall be introduced soon. A lot of professional terminology and abbreviations are used in the aviation industry, so the game aims to facilitate learning a few of the most common abbreviations.

Seppo has always provided support quickly

When Seppo was introduced at Airpro, Seppo supported the beginning by providing content help. After creating games had become familiar, games could be produced at Airpro independently.

“We always get help from Seppo when we have any questions. In addition, answers quickly arrive by email. The answers are usually comprehensive, and they provide several troubleshooting suggestions. This is convenient as several matters can be tested based on the responses,” says Diop.

Diop also states that, following the initial orientation, technical support is sufficient for them.

“We plan to continue using Seppo in the future. In particular, various questionnaires seem to work well when created with the Seppo game.”