Engaging the Whole Team: Revolutionizing Discussions Through Staff-Oriented Gamification

The Savings Bank Group embarked on a quest for fresh inspiration, seeking to invigorate staff engagement in discussions. Johanna Mölsä, the visionary Head of Competence Development, unveils how the introduction of the Seppo game sparked a revolutionary shift in the landscape of traditional staff meetings. Through immersive encounters crafted by Seppo, familiar routines were disrupted, paving the way for a surge of novel insights and perspectives.
Johanna Mölsä, Savings Bank

Head of Competence Development

Savings Bank

Elevating Employee Engagement: Fostering Enthusiasm and Insight Through Gamification


The Finnish Savings Bank Centre embarked on an exciting journey with Seppo to refresh how they engage their entire staff in meaningful discussions. Johanna Mölsä, the Head of Competence Development at the Savings Bank Group, shares the story of how the game ignited a spark of excitement among the staff. Driven by the ambition to innovate the Savings Bank Group’s common practices, the idea of employing Seppo emerged as a fresh approach to include everyone in the conversation.

With the guidance of Seppo’s gamification wizards, a small, dynamic team from the Savings Bank Centre swiftly brought the game to life. It debuted across three staff meetings, transforming participants into teams of 5-6 individuals. These teams tackled complex challenges within the game, fostering a collaborative spirit. A whopping 300 employees from the Savings Bank Centre joined in this gamified adventure.


Involving Staff Cultivates a Positive Experience


Johanna shares, “The magic of this experience was breaking away from the traditional and crafting an entirely unique staff event. We mixed up the groups to stir conversations among colleagues who might not interact daily, enriching everyone with fresh perspectives and collective creativity.” 

The response? Overwhelmingly positive. A significant majority of attendees, as revealed in a feedback survey, would happily recommend the event. Many lauded it as good or excellent, charmed by the friendly competition that gamification naturally nurtures.


Fostering Genuine, Effortless Conversations


Beyond networking, the game set the stage for deeper, more meaningful dialogues within the work community, easing into conversations with a relaxed vibe that everyone appreciated. A participant shared, “A new, refreshing, and inclusive approach. Time just flew by, and it felt incredibly productive.”

Johanna emphasizes, “Our goal is to deeply engage our staff and invite everyone to the table for innovation and development. Real change springs from our collective actions. We’re set to continue our bold experiments into the future. After all, learning is about living it, doing it, acting on it—that’s the essence of gamification and the spirit of Seppo.”