Seppo Brings Positive Atmosphere To Essote

Essote experimented with Seppo games for home care employee onboarding. With the help of gamification they wanted to get more young people interested in working with the elderly. The onboarding was a great success. Essote is now amongst other things also using Seppo for recruitment.
Maija Loponen, essote (South Savo Social and Health Care Authority)

Service Manager

Seppo Brings A Positive Atmosphere To Essote Home Care

Essote, short for South Savo Social and Health Care Authority, ended up experimenting with Seppo games during a fixed-term project for home care employee onboarding. On the basis of these good experiences, Seppo has remained at the disposal of the joint municipal authority, and it has generated interest in other units of the organisation.

For two years, Essote had been running an Attractive Home Care project, with the main development objectives being staff onboarding and work well-being. Within the framework of the project, a new onboarding model was created, which includes a Seppo onboarding game for staff.

Seppo was immediately deployed to all of Essote’s twelve home care areas. Maija Loponen, Service Manager at Essote, explains the early stages of the game:

“Our dream before we began, was to have some gamified element as part of the onboarding process. During the project, we explored the possibilities of gamification and we found Seppo as a result of competitive tendering. Right away, Seppo seemed like a platform that offered potential, as you can build it yourself. The name was so memorable too!”

A positive image and an approach that appeals to young people

Essote feels that Seppo has brought a positive image to the municipality association’s home care.

“We’ve all been happy with Seppo. Paper is becoming outdated for employee onboarding, and we also wanted to talk to young people so that they would get interested in working with the elderly,” Loponen says.

The project also involved the region’s secondary and higher education institutions. So, in addition to the staff, a version of the game was created for the students. This allowed them to get to know the real world of home care even during their studies.

“The student version of the game is available for students during training periods. When students are employed by home care, they are met with a familiar onboarding game on the familiar Seppo platform. This brings about a continuum for the students, which helps in onboarding,” says Loponen.

Coming soon, an almost completed recruitment game

Essote has seen the wider possibilities of Seppo, and a new recruitment game will soon be introduced into home care. The idea is for the game to be shared on social media to potentially interested new employees.

“The goal with the new recruitment game is to genuinely communicate the positive aspects of Essote’s home care. In the game, players can leave their contact information, so that we can be in contact with them. We will share the game on social media and invite industry experts to play it. We want to highlight the strengths of home care in a new way and highlight the positive aspects of Essote’s home care,” Loponen sums up.

Cooperation with Seppo has been a positive experience

Essote has been very independent in the development of the games, and Essote has created all the content in the games from its own starting point. Seppo has always been there when we needed answers to any questions and help in finding solutions to problems.

Loponen says that she herself instigated direct contact with Seppo’s experts early in the year when the project ended. Prior to this, contacts had been through staff on the project.

“Contacts with Seppo’s representatives have been solution-oriented and straightforward. Doing business with them doesn’t feel rigid or stiff at all. Seppo is an agile partner, flexible, and very affable,” Loponen reflects.

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