Gamified Strategy And Value Introduction

Sarastia decided to gamify a strategy and value introduction, after a merger in 2019. Gamification was to make the strategy more understandable. Sarastia also wanted to measure the current skill level of their managers to implement the new strategy to practice. Read the story to find out how the game made skill level, development needs and silent information visible.
Mika Kantola, Sarastia


Sarastia Gamifies Strategy And Value Introduction With Seppo

Sarastia is a Finnish publicly owned financial and HR company with Revenue: 100 million EUR and 900 employees.

Sarastia was born when two large publicly owned companies, Kunta Pro and Kunnan Taitoa merged in Spring 2019.

Seppo has been used in KuntaPro and Sarastia for strategy and value introduction.

When Kunta Pro was launching a new strategy in 2018 they turned to Seppo for help. They wanted to make the strategy understandable and also measure the current skill level of their managers to implement the new strategy to practice. The process was gamified with Seppo tool.

The new strategy was introduced to managerial level in a strategy day. The first part of the day was spent learning in traditional ways with presentations and lectures.

The second part was game time. Kunta Pro HR-department had built a strategy game with the help of Seppo’s gamification and pedagogical expert team. The managers got to put lessons learned in practice and reflect the new strategy through game tasks bound to their own work in a fun way.

Seppo made skill level and further development needs and wishes visible

From the game answers the leadership team got valuable information on the managers current understanding and skill level and could also see where further help was needed.

Seppo was asked for help also when Kunta Pro merged with another publicly owned company, Kunnan Taitoa.

The merger brought with it a situation where the new merged company had to find new common ways to work and belong. They needed new values.

“Seppo is a scalable tool suited for many different purposes. For us at Sarastia being a young company it has been important to find a solution with which we can grow relatedness and commit our employees to our common goals and targets”, explains CEO Mika Kantola their decision to use Seppo in their value project.

Two way communication helped bring silent information visible

The value creation process was gamified in two parts. First an innovation game was designed for all employees. They played individual games where they could innovate and reflect but also raise up questions and concerns about the situation.

From the game answers and set questions the leadership team was able to create new values for the new company. These new values were then introduced to everyone with another Seppo-game.

“Seppo provided a great tool for both leadership and staff to process both situations and to reflect the new situation through their own work in an engaging way. Two-way-communication enabled bringing visible silent information which otherwise could have stayed hidden. The leadership team also got tools for better planning.

Through Seppo, we have gained valuable information about employee views and their wishes for further development. We will certainly keep using Seppo also in the future for different strategy updates, and employee onboarding. In the very near future we’re going to use Seppo for our customer events”, says Mika Kantola.