Seppo Games For Educational Visits

The Seppo games created by the UK Parliament Education Centre have been very well received by staff and visiting students alike. Students have thoroughly enjoyed using Seppo as part of their tour and workshop experience. Read more about how the Education Centre has used Seppo!
The UK Parliament Education Centre

UK Parliament Education Centre Creates Seppo Games For Educational Visits

Seppo has been used by the UK Parliament Education Centre since 2018 and the response has been amazing. The UK Parliament Education Centre staff have created games in Seppo, which are used during educational visits in the Houses of Parliament. Education Centre ICT manager Ozan Mehmet collected feedback from the team that has been working with Seppo.

Seppo has been used for a number of youth engagement events, including their Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) day, Home Education Day and Post-16 day.

Seppo has also been in use during periods when the Houses of Parliament have been mostly closed to visitors, as a way of teaching students about the two chambers without them being able to visit them in person.

Using Seppo and facilitating the games has been a very positive experience for the staff and the feedback has been great! Seppo has received thanks for being well designed and simple to use and automatic feedback feature has proven to be priceless.

“It was easy for the students to navigate independently. The automatic feedback works really well.”

According to the Education Centre staff students have thoroughly enjoyed using Seppo as part of their tour and workshop experience.

“It is a completely different way of learning, as well as being collaborative and rewarding. In my sessions, students have particularly enjoyed the creative exercises. Students have described the experience to me as ‘fun’ and ‘different’.”

Seppo has made it possible for the pupils to get carried away and immerse themselves completely into the experience of visiting the Parliament. Seeing students enjoy their visit is also very rewarding to the staff of the Education Centre.

One of the staff members tells that:

“My most memorable experience of using Seppo was watching students take part in a creative exercise where they filmed each other pretending to be the House of Commons Speaker. They were provided with a Speaker’s robe and had to perform their best ‘Order! Order!’ The students responded gleefully to this task and performed with great energy and enthusiasm. They even asked the teachers to film them so they could complete the task as a team.”

Seppo has been seen bringing extra value to the experience of visiting the UK Parliament. Not only for the visitors, but also to the staff.

“Seppo can be used in so many different ways, which makes it an invaluable learning tool.”

“For example, for a Post-16 day, we used a fictional ‘Votes at 16’ bill as the game canvas, and asked the students to amend the clauses through different creative exercises. We also used a picture of a Select Committee room as a canvas, and set the students missing word, matching pairs, tick box and multiple-choice exercises about the function of Select Committees. The answers to all the questions form part of the Government and Politics A-level curriculum, so Seppo helps the students consolidate their knowledge in a new and exciting way.”

Seppo has also been used as a pre-learning tool for the Home Education Day. All the families received a game link two weeks before the day itself. Feedback was very positive from those, who used the link. This way the families visiting the Parliament have already some knowledge about the place and it’s history.

“Because Seppo can be used in so many ways, it was very useful to engage some students with SEND needs. For those students that respond well to visual stimulus, Seppo was very useful and added value to the overall experience.”