Gamification platform

Seppo is not a learning game but a platform for building one. It's a tool for adding game elements to lessons. Gamification motivates students and they love playing in teams. With Seppo teachers can easily create engaging games that are played in the classroom, outdoors or online. The platform has a game library with thousands of games created by other teachers.

Gamifying lessons

Pedagogy first

Seppo is an innovation that was made by Finnish teachers. It was truly designed with a focus on pedagogy first and technology second. Ease of use was one of the cornerstones of creating Seppo: using the platform requires no particular technical skills from the teacher.

Efficient teaching

With Seppo existing games can easily be modified, copied and shared. This makes teaching efficient: you can create learning materials with one colleague and share them with another one. If an exercise needs to be changed or deleted along the way that can be done in a matter of minutes.

How to use a gamification platform?

Building a learning game is very easy: you pick a gameboard, add a variety of exercises and invite your students to play. They login into your game with a pin code using mobile devices or laptops. During the game teachers can give real-time feedback, and the chat function enables a two-way communication throughout the game.

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Any subject or school level

In Seppo the teacher decides the content and learning goals, creating excercises accordingly. Seppo can be used for all subjects and school levels. It combines gamification, social learning, digital storytelling and physical movement.

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