Keeping employees longer and happier adds productivity

According to recruitment firm Nadia's annual GCC Salary Report 2018-19 the turnover rate of employees went down to 8% in 2018 from previous year’s 11%. More and more employers are paying attention to the occurring cost savings and increased overall effectiveness that follows with keeping better hold of employees.

Gamification helps in attracting and holding on to talents

According to MetLife, a US insurance corporation’s 2017 survey the staff turnover rate in UAE businesses was and still is much higher than average elsewhere, and this is hurting productivity. 59% of employees hoped to work for a different employer and 66% were not happy with the benefits their current employer offered them. Employees are looking for better work-life balance, better health care benefits and better compensation models.

Differentiating from competition is important in all the stages of work life when building a better employer brand in the eyes of employees. And this is important to be able to attract the right talents and to make them stay. There are different ways to do that, and one of them is gamification.

Gamification adds engagement and motivation to work

Increase productivity and motivation

The benefits of gamification are vast from being able to increase productivity and motivation to commit people in their jobs and to the company they’re working for. Gamification can also bring help in increasing the current employees' professional skills.

Improve workplace happiness

Bringing some informal means to formal settings is an effective way to increase the feeling of belonging and togetherness, both important in making people happier at work. But with gamification it's possible to also add feeling of autonomy and mastery which help building motivation. 

Enhance your appeal in the job market

If you're able to encourage, motivate and activate employees in various phases of their career they are more likely to be productive and develop. Companies that pay attention to these kind of matters, again, are seen as much more appealing in the eyes of both future and current employees. 

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