Galderma - Brazil: Formal corporate training that is turned into something fun brings better results.

Galderma - Brazil
Wagner Komesu, Quality Operations Manager, Nestlé Skin Health

We used Seppo's gamification platform during the regional (LATAM) quality and pharmacovigilance meeting that was held in Brazil.

This was an event for approximately 20 quality auditors from France, Switzerland, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, being the first time they were together in one place for training and strategic alignment.

Seppo was used to reinforce concepts and increase the level of understanding on the topics the trainings concerned. The game included both serious learning topics, which were made engaging with gamification, and for instance a factory visit.

Our expectations were very high regarding the activities and challenges that we would launch for the team in the platform.

However we were surprised by the initiatives suggested by the Seppo team. The activities done were always very creative and dynamic, and involved our team. The motivation and participation level of the team was noticeable.

Seppo team provided all the support to ensure the success of the meeting, going beyond the provision of the gamification service, surpassing the expectation with innovative, inspiring and very entertaining ideas.

It was obvious to everyone how the mechanics of games (scoring, scoreboards, feedbacks, etc.) increase the motivation of employees to learn more. Formal training that is turned into fun brings better results.

We will certainly use the platform for ongoing training and ongoing team development.