Making Climate an Opportunity- A ready game for your company

Sustainability with a game – Making Climate an Opportunity is an easy solution for organisations looking for a ready game to discuss what is carbon footprint, what contributes to it and how to make it smaller.

Making Climate an Opportunity - Discuss climate change, carbon footprint and sustainability with a game

Adapting to Climate Change: Strategies for a Sustainable Future

The world around us is in constant change. Often, it happens in a glacial pace and we have time to adjust. But sometimes change happens suddenly, and nothing seems the same.

Climate change is affecting all companies in many ways: New regulations kick in, prices of materials fluctuate, and consumer behavior changes.

Making Climate an Opportunity -game offers you and your people a engaging way to implement sustainability strategy training. The gamified approach allows teams to explore the company carbon footprint understanding its causes, and strategies for reduction with an inspiring way.

Game On for Sustainability: Tackling Climate Change Creatively

This game helps you refocus on how to turn changing circumstances into an asset. And, it helps you better understand how our Carbon Footprint forms – how we can find ways to make it smaller.

The game talks about strategy, finance, production, and sales. Polar bears are mentioned only once.

Why Gamify Sustainability?

The climate game dives deep into understanding the impact of climate change, exploring how individual actions and business operations contribute to carbon footprints.

  • Players learn to identify and implement company strategies for reducing environmental impacts.
  • The game encompasses a wide range of climate-related topics and helps to make it easier for your people to grasp and retain complex climate concepts.
  • The climate game is designed to spark group discussions, encouraging players to brainstorm practical solutions and share insights on making more environmentally friendly choices.

Making Climate an Opportunity?

Mitigate Environmental Risks

Climate change and environmental degradation pose significant risks to businesses, including supply chain disruptions, regulatory compliance issues, and reputational damage. Understanding sustainability challenges enables companies to proactively identify and mitigate these risks, safeguarding their long-term viability and resilience.

Innovation and Efficiency

Embracing sustainability can spark innovation and drive operational efficiency within organisations. By understanding the principles of resource conservation, energy efficiency, and waste reduction, companies can uncover new opportunities for cost savings, product innovation, and market differentiation.

Meet Stakeholder Expectations

Customers, investors, and other stakeholders increasingly demand transparency and accountability on environmental issues. Companies that fail to address sustainability concerns risk losing market share, investor confidence, and brand reputation. Companies can meet stakeholder expectations and build trust with their audiences by understanding sustainability challenges.

Compliance with Regulations

Governments around the world are enacting stricter regulations to address climate change and environmental degradation. Understanding sustainability challenges is essential for companies to ensure compliance with existing laws and regulations, as well as to anticipate and adapt to future regulatory changes that may impact their operations.

Create Long-Term Value

Sustainable business practices are essential for creating long-term value for shareholders and society as a whole. By understanding sustainability challenges and integrating them into their business strategies, companies can enhance their resilience, foster innovation, and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Let's gamify your company sustainanbility!

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