Active learning is fun and effective - with Seppo games!

Seppo is a teaching tool designed for active learning. It combines games, physical activity, real environments, creativity and group work in any lesson content. With Seppo, you can teach 21st century skills in every lesson.

Placing the learner in the core is really effective for learning.

Awards winning Seppo is designed to help you teach with games

Mobile games with possibilities to create make learners active doers.

In the games, students:

  • Search information in real environment and in digital form through the game questions (questions in audio/video/text with possibility to add links to further materials)
  • Collaborate with team members in interaction with their teacher
  • Produce own content in video/audio/picture/written form as answers to lesson game questions
  • Move in real environment indoors or outdoors.
  • Follow their own progress through visual and real time feedback

All these ways make students remember and learn better than passively taking in information inside the classroom.

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Active learning made easy

Activating learners is easy with Seppo platform. Anyone can design and build lessons on Seppo without any specific skills. Games will provide learners different ways to search and produce information, and to get active also physically. This helps learning.

  • Use ready made games or easily modify them to suit your lessons

  • Design your own games or co-create games with a colleague 

  • Make your students really learn by letting them create games

Seppo's vast game library has nearly 4000 ready made games in English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Finnish, and several other languages in various subjects. 

Use as such, modify, or create your own. It's super simple. All you have to know is how to create questions out of your lesson material.

This is how Seppo works

1. Create your game, or use an excisting one.  

  • No coding  or special skills needed. Anyone can do it.
  • Suits for any subject and age group

2.Switch your game on, and invite your players in. 

  • Players login with a pin-code or QR-code
  • One game device per team
  • Players can use their creativity, and move - indoors or outdoors  - during the game. This helps learning!

3. Monitor the game from your own device. You are in charge, yet, students are free to explore!

  • You can give gradings and points real-time or easily automate this
  • Game chat helps you advice the students during the game

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Teaching with Seppo is easy, fun and effective. Start with Seppo's free trial for 30 days.

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