Sponsored Seppo Games - Environmental Education

WWF Finland makes environmental education for schools more fun, versatile and easy to use with the help of Seppo and sponsored games.
Essi Aarnio-Linnavuori, WWF Finland

Environmental Education Expert

WWF Finland Creates Sponsored Seppo Games For Schools

WWF created two mobile learning lessons on Seppo-platform, Great Onshore Adventure and Mystery of the Waters.

”It’s been exciting to create learning materials on Seppo! Seppo platform is fun, versatile, and easy to use,” says Essi Aarnio-Linnanvuori, Environmental Education Expert from WWF, Finland.

With the materials, the students learn about their nearby waterways. Great Onshore Adventure is aimed at 9-13 year-olds and Mystery of the Waters is for 13-16 year-olds. Schools and teachers can upload these materials free of charge and include them in their study plans. Feedback from teachers and students has been extremely positive.

”The students have liked the materials a lot, and we’ve received thanks for versatile answer methods. On the shores, recording with mobile phones is much easier than trying to find suitable places to use pen and paper. The teachers have also gotten excited. Seppo has been easy to use for them. Some teachers have needed a little help getting started with the game, but with brief instructions, everyone has been able to use the material,” comments Essi.

WWF has also created materials for schools before with the traditional pen and paper methods. The new way to document answers with mobile technology has worked well.

”We wanted to try out what we could accomplish with a learning platform like seppo. We have been interested in online learning before, but the problem has been that you can’t really carry a laptop out in nature. Seppo, however, is used on mobile devices, and this suits our purposes very nicely,” says Essi.

Seppo has enabled versatile ways to answer and give exercises. This, when working with a computer, would be challenging and with mere pen and paper, completely impossible.

Producing materials on Seppo-platform has proven to be a cost-effective solution. Seppo enables flexibility as using it doesn’t require any coding skills from the users.

”It’s easy to modify materials and games. If we need to change an exercise for some reason, it’s really fast to do. For example, changing a background image for one’s game is done in less than a minute. Seppo brings such flexibility which is impossible to accomplish with traditional methods. As an alternative, we thought about creating our own solution, but this would have been a much more expensive alternative. Flexibility and easy adaptability are some of the best features of Seppo!” says Essi happily.

The game board of WWF's sponsored game "Great Onshore Adventure"

WWF created two mobile learning lessons on Seppo-platform, Great Onshore Adventure and Mystery of the Waters as a part of a bigger project called Freshabit LIFE IP. The project ran from 2017 to 2022 and has now ended. This customer story was written when the project was still running.