Seppo changes your idea of classroom gamification

Quizzes in the classroom are fun, right?

You betcha!

Quizzes add engagement in the classroom.

They make students more elevated.

They bring an element of positive competitiveness to lessons.

All true. But there's so much more gamifying learning could do.

There's one big problem with most classroom gamification tools and methods.

Quizzes and most classroom gamification tools don't require creativity.

Closed end questions, no matter how fun, leave out the option that is actually the most important for learning - a chance to ask, inquire, find out and form own opinion.

Closed end questions don't help learning. They just measure the current knowledge level.

Learning requires questions that require more from the learner. Learning requires creation and experimentation.

What if your quiz-tool could help your learners learn better?

What if you could also do more with your quiz-tool?

Well, you can.

You can make experimentation, exploration, research, and different ways to grow and show knowledge and skills possible with your quiz-tool.

Your quiz-tool can help you make learning interesting for your students.

The best thing is if you already know how to use any quiz-tool, the only thing you have to do differently is add in that fifth option. Use open ended questions.

Instead of what, ask how or why. Instead of choosing from ready made options, ask to create, perform, discuss and report.

How does this work?

Introducing Seppo!

Seppo gamification platform is a tool beyond a quiz-tool. When you are ready to unleash the potential in your students, you go beyond adding added fun in lessons to letting learning be fun.

  • Add positive competitiveness
  • Add creativity
  • Add movement
  • Add exploration
  • Add collaboration
  • Add a sense of progression
  • Add autonomy
  • Add curiosity
  • Add fun

to all your lessons.

With Seppo you lift your quizzes to a completely new level.

You can turn studying to learning. You can change the way your learners feel about their abilities and skills. That's what makes all the difference.

Try it out! We offer a 30 day free trial.

With Seppo you can use ready made games, modify them to suit your needs, and create your own games. With a school licence, you can also share and co-create lessons with your colleagues.

If you already use quizzes in your lessons, you are probably a forward thinking teacher, and really want to see your students succeed. In the video, some forward thinking educators explain why they use Seppo tool.

Seppo is a really versatile tool. You can use it for indoor or outdoor lessons, tests, homework, group work, field trips. You can even make your students game creators and let them teach each other, regardless of the topic.

But there's something that sets Seppo apart from quiz-tools. Something you should also consider. 

What's different about Seppo tool?

Quizzes require the students to be locked to their own screens or the classroom screen. But staring at a screen, sitting down, makes technology restraining, not freeing. This is not how Seppo works.

This is what happens in regular quizzes:

Students sit inside the classroom with mobile devices or computers. They  discuss the correct answers with their team members, while staring at a screen.

The fastest team gets the most points, and at the end, the team with most points wins.

Is there competition? Yes.

Is this fun? Yes.

Is there collaboration? In a way, yes.

Is this helping students learn and adding motivation? Not really. It's just testing what they already know.

This is what happens in Seppo games:

Students play in any environment, inside or outside. Mobile devices are used for providing information, enabling movement and content creation as part of the game, but also for easy teacher surveillance, even when playing happens in several places at the same time.

Students really work in teams. They explore the subject from different angles. They choose how and what they answer to the questions in the game. They make decisions, and actively create content as part of the game. They get real time feedback to their answers from their teacher, who follows their progress from own device.

Mobile technology enables a new kind of freedom for the students, and for the teacher.

Is there competition? Yes, if wanted, but this is only one way to use Seppo.

Is this fun? Yes! 

Is there collaboration? In various forms, yes!

Is this helping students learn and adding motivation? Yes. It's really effective for learning. 

Seppo is the next level beyond quiz-tools. And it's so much more. 

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You're a forward thinking educator, right? 

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