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Turn your corporate training into engaging and activating mobile games with Seppo gamification tool

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What can you train with Seppo?

Seppo gamification platform enables you to turn your training programs into practical mobile training. Easily implement game-based learning for any of your company's training needs.


Impact and differentiate in your recruitment process. Time savings and improved interactivity and candidate engagement.


Onboard new talent faster. Gamified learning helps best practices stick.

Safety training

Mobile training enables learning effectively in any environment. Safety training is easy to create with Seppo's template.

Work well-being

Drive work well-being by implementing gamified questionnaires and directing activity days. Collect results and improve processes.

Strategy and value workshops

Make strategy and value processes understandable and bind them to real work tasks.


Get your team interacting like never before. Seppo is an ideal tool for team-building.

Product training

Use Seppo to direct consistent hands-on training for your resellers and subcontractors.

Professional skills training

Learning by doing is effective. Use Seppo to create a more effective training experience. Combine to various subject based learning tasks.

Compliance training

Mandatory training does not have to be boring. Active participation adds memorability and increases long-term effectiveness.

Mobile training enables participants to learn, react, create and communicate - You choose the way this is done

You can create gamified mobile training for any business function and all stakeholders from employees to subcontractors and resellers with Seppo gamification tool.

Increase interactivity, engagement and collaboration. Active participation adds memorability. Training done with Seppo tool challenges participants and makes progress visible.

Remote training and events with Seppo tool

Remote and hybrid work is a solution for many companies in day-to-day operations. People are already used to taking part in meetings, events and training online and many companies continue to organize all those remotely or combine remote and live.

With Seppo gamification platform you can add engagement, activity, and communication to events and corporate training sessions, no matter where the participants are located in at the time. A joint game brings all the players together and by using the chat inside the game and create & comment exercise type, you can ensure there is communication taking place between the players.

Create training games for your specific needs and take advantage of our ready-to-use modifiable game templates

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Our customers choose Seppo for its ease of use and endless possibilities

"It is a completely different way of learning, as well as being collaborative and rewarding"

A gamified transformation management process

Games bring familiarity to new situations, and can help adjusting to new situations and roles. Outokumpu, a global steinless steel manufacturer used Seppo to accomplish just this when their HR division was going through a transformation process from support function into a strategic business partner. Seppo was taken as one part of the training program.

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