What if work was all fun and games?

Turn your training into a game

Seppo is a platform that turns any training into an engaging, interactive game. Creating games is easy: you bring the content, Seppo gamifies it. Players log into your game using mobile devices. Seppo games are played indoors or outdoors, in trainings or events. It is a flexible and scalable tool for engaging your employees or customers.

Bring the content, Seppo gamifies it

What can you gamify?

  • Recruiting
  • New employee orientation
  • Team building days
  • Deploying strategy & company values

Gamification adds employee engagement and motivation in anything. Gamify internal employee trainings or create training games for your resellers or suppliers. Add gamification to company days to make sure everyone has a good time. The built in social media sharing and game archive will add value to your marketing and communication department even when your training day is over.

A new way to learn and train

Trainings are about interaction

With Seppo, you unleash the power in your employees to become the stars they are. Train your teams to work better together, improve negotiating skills, make sure your marcom or HR team has keys to manage a crisis situation, coach your sales team or put strategy into practice - Seppo adjusts to your needs. Our expert team will help you create the best plan to make your trainings work.

Seppo games make training and any interaction -an interaction. Training is not about pouring information, it is about two-way communication and reflection. With Seppo you will learn from your staff while they learn. You will get a window into their thoughts and doubts as players can produce videos, photos, text and audio on-the-go. Getting these glimpses into each others work is especially valuable in teams spread across the globe. 

A gamified transformation management process

Games bring familiarity to new situations, and can help adjusting to new situations and roles. Outokumpu, a global steinless steel manufacturer used Seppo to accomplish just this when their HR division was going through a transformation process from support function into a strategic business partner. Seppo was taken as one part of the training program.

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Gamification with a strong pedagogical background

Gamification supports learning for all ages

Our roots are in the Finnish Education sector, Seppo is developed for education and learning. Our mission has been to help teachers engage and motivate every student to learn. Now we are taking these lessons into the corporate world. Learning with games is just as effective for adults as it is for children.

Seppo uses game mechanics such as points, leaderboard, badges, levels and surprise exercises to add excitement into any training material. Supporting the learners and empowering each player to thrive is inbuilt in the pedagogy behind the platform.

Real-time feedback and active involvement are important aspects when learning is considered. With Seppo, company learning goals will be accomplished, in a fun way.  

Gamification works for any kind of learning goals, whether it’s learning to serve your customers better or learning about corporate values and new strategies. Gamification is a way to make something mandatory or difficult something exciting and engaging.

Whitepaper on gamification

Gamification motivates players regardless of their age or background. Games make learning different things easier and more practical. But why is that? Understanding something about the psychology behind gamification will help you apply gamification to different situations.

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