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Create a game for learning anywhere!

Choose your gameboard

You can create a game to any environment with Seppo. Choose a jpeg, png, gif, 360° image or a GPS map as your gameboard. Create a game with your computer. Players play with mobile devices in groups or by themselves.

Create the tasks

Create game tasks from your materials. They can be about the books in the library, pieces of art in your museum's collections or pretty much anything! You can create videos, audios and text straight on Seppo, and add pictures and links to additional content in your tasks. Players solve the tasks using mobile devices, leveraging the multimedia possibilities. Seppo works on all educational levels, in cultural use and in corporate training use.

Lead the game

During the game you can monitor the game, assess answers submitted by the players and give feedback. Earning points, working together and seeing progress motivates the players. It is also possible to create the games using automatic feedback, this way the players receive the feedback right away after submitting the answer.

  • Many language options e.g. Arabic, English, Spanish and Finnish
  • Easy-to-use tool designed for teachers, trainers and HR personnel
  • Browser-based – app available for players
  • Online and offline modes
  • Works both outdoors and indoors - online and onsite
  • Use a jpeg, png, gif, 360° image or a gps map as a game board
  • Video, audio, picture and text answering options
  • Real-time monitoring and feedback
  • Private messages
  • Chat

Educate in a fun and motivating way with Seppo!

You can create gamified experiences to bring the museum collections to a vider public or to add a little extra to the visitor experience. Gamifying for example a campaign brings a new dimension to the usual way of bringing awareness to important issues. Therefore Seppo has been popular among for example NGOs.

Our users include schools, libraries, museums, NGO's, event organizers and many more!

Increase interactivity, engagement and collaboration with Seppo.

Our customers choose Seppo because it is easy to use and there are endless possibilities.

"It is a completely different way of learning, as well as being collaborative and rewarding"

Gamified visitor experience for groups

Seppo has been used by the UK Parliament Education Centre since 2018. The UK Parliament Education Centre staff have created games in Seppo, which are used during educational visits in the Houses of Parliament.

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Creating fun learning experinces with Seppo

WWF Finland has created popular learning games for schools, Great Onshore Adventure and Mystery of the Waters. Finnish schools and teachers can upload the materials free of charge and include them in their studyplans.

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Turning a whole library into a learning game

Tampere City Library in Finland has been using Seppo in introducing the library’s services and functions. The floor plan as the game board players get to explore the library in groups or alone.

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"Because Seppo can be used in so many ways, it was very useful to engage some students with special education needs and disabilities. For those students that respond well to visual stimulus, Seppo was very useful and added value to the overall experience"

-The UK Parliament Education Centre

City of Helsinki
The Houses of Parliament
S Group
Tampere Taxi
Aalto University


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