Teach with games

The ever increasing uncertainty and complexity of the world around us is calling for new approaches to teaching. Old, linear teaching methods are becoming increasingly inefficient, failing to equip students for the 21st century challenges.

Benefits of teaching with games

Adapting new teaching methods

Teaching with games is a method that presents an excellent medium to highlight sought-out qualities such as flexibility and adaptability, information and technology literacy, communications skills, leadership, proactivity and cultural awareness.

Teaching with games develops 21st century skills

Educational games are an excellent way to foster 21st century skills, including problem solving, creativity and imagination, collaboration and teamwork, and critical thinking. In a game, teams of students work together to solve a challenging set of tasks. By applying their imagination they can experience the joy of co-creating and innovating unexpected solutions for real life problems. Experiencing the subject in an authentic environment establishes context and causality which enables students to observe and critique it in a way that is not possible in two-dimensional classroom situations. 

Games help carve memory traces

Applying games in learning combines experiential, project-based learning and utilising technology in a real-life environment. Games can include a strong, fascinating backstory and visuals that immerse the learners into an imaginary world. This helps to set a scene for simulating a great variety of phenomena and subject matters. Experiencing something first hand over merely being told about it deepens the learning and creates a strong memory trace.  

Multidimensional learning experiences with Seppo

Seppo's game pedagogy relies on teaching in a way that inspires and motivates students. Seppo games get players out and on the move, which stimulates senses and flows thoughts. Seppo allows teachers to create a three dimensional learning journey that students are excited to embark on. 

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