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Gamified onboarding processes commit and engage

Making new people feel welcomed, and getting them onboard and productive quickly is one the most important processes of any company.

Reading lengthy PDFs or listening to mass presentations is not only so last season but also tedious. Onboarding can be fun, and productive at the same time.

Create together with a colleague, use previous materials as a base for your game, or copy our onboarding game template as such - modify as much as you like, any time.

Train onsite, online or on the go.

Seppo makes pdf's redundant - Onboarding game template helps you build your onboarding game

Fast and easy - Use as such or modify to suit your needs

This is an example game template and you can easily modify the game to suit your needs. Take a copy, change the theme, gameboard and tasks, and use as you like.


Efficient way to onboard

- One game can be played with all new employees. Modifying for different user groups is quick.

Track mandatory knowledge

- Easy way to insure new employees get sufficient training on mandatory issues.

Commit by activating

-  A game makes you participate. Good for learning practices and getting to know new colleagues.

Read more about this game template.


  • Easy-to-use tool designed for teachers, trainers and HR personnel
  • Browser-based – app available for players
  • Many language options e.g. Arabic, English, Spanish and Finnish
  • Online and offline modes
  • Works both outdoors and indoors - online and onsite
  • Use a jpeg, png, gif, 360° image or a gps map as a game board
  • Video, audio, picture and text answering options
  • Real-time monitoring and feedback
  • Private messages
  • Chat

Start gamifying your corporate trainings with Seppo

  • Seppo games are built in a browser version. In addition to exercises, you can enrich the games for example by utilizing levels and branching game paths.

  • Versatile exercise types ensure that there is variation in the games and that playing does not get boring.

  • Players can play the games with the Play Seppo app or browser. We recommend using mobile devices to play.

Read how our customers use Seppo for onboarding

<p>Gamification motivates and engages</p>

How do gamified onboarding practices help achieving business goals?

Onboarding people well brings a lot of value for businesses. Gamification is a way to do this process in a more engaging and practical way.

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Our customers choose Seppo for its ease of use and endless possibilities

"It is a completely different way of learning, as well as being collaborative and rewarding"

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