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E-learning and distance learning are here to stay and it forces many companies to think about their own training programs. In order for the training to be effective, it is important to find engaging and motivating ways to deliver the training. Gamification offers the keys to achieve that.

Online learning is effective at best, but very inefficient at worst. Courses ran with the old methods are unfortunately often tedious and therefore the biggest problem with remote courses is the high dropout rate. Packed slide shows do not work in face-to-face training situations, and especially not remotely.

Well-planned and properly implemented distance and online learning is meaningful and motivating. At the heart of online pedagogy should be genuine activation and involvement of the student. Utilizing the right kind of gamification is a well-working and tested method for activating the learner. With gamification, I don’t mean simply the Kahoot! -type of quick multiple-choice tasks after a video placed on a platform, but something completely different.

Many eLearning platforms and LMSs have built-in light click-and-check tasks designed to keep the learner active. These tasks have very little to do with real gamification and game elements. The biggest significance of gamification is that it allows the participant to dive into the game’s magic circle, where the player can make their own choices, try and make mistakes, try again, and finally succeed. Learning is motivating if the learner feels that their own choices are driving them forward. Versatile tasks and open-ended questions allow new ideas to emerge and leave room for new knowledge to be applied. This experience is not achieved with tick-the-box questions alone.

One of the challenges of distance learning is to get people to collaborate and genuinely communicate with each other. Gamification can help wIth this problem as well. Collaboration is natural when a team needs to work together to solve a challenge to move forward in the game. However, the challenges must be relevant problems with a clear connection to real-world phenomena. The best gift of gamification is the solution to everyday problems in the game context - creatively and in a safe environment.

Gamification means utilizing game mechanics to support learning. Frequently used game mechanics include scores, levels, badges, leaderboards, competition, time pressure, real-time feedback. Storytelling is one of the most effective game mechanics, but it’s not always easy to implement. Narrative, even if light, allows people to play, be bolder, and also be more creative. Letting loose and having fun is important, even if the learning is serious. A story has an incredible impact on people! The organizers of the training strive to ensure that the training has some effect on the learners. Gamification makes learning experimental at its best, allowing for a deeper learning experience and increasing the effectiveness of education. The right methods will improve the ROI of education, make it more efficient and effective. And that's what we all want.

Riku Alkio


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