Gamified DEI Training: A “Win-Win” for All

Even if your organization embraces diversity, the hard truth is that ineffective DEI trainings might be holding you back. Here’s why we think gamification has the power to make your DEI trainings not only engaging but also highly effective, helping your employees pave the way for a truly diverse future of work.
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Gamified DEI Training: A “Win-Win” for All

Is diversity important to your organisation? You’re in good company!

Many of the world’s leading businesses, including all Fortune 100 companies, have embraced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as fundamental to their long-term success.

But committing to diversity is one thing; making it an integral part of your everyday work culture is quite another. Despite the best intentions and investments of billions of dollars and countless hours on DEI trainings, most organisations still struggle to meet their DEI goals or foster a genuinely diverse work culture.

The culprit? Traditional DEI training methods.

These methods often come across as dull, preachy, and, worst of all, ineffective. They fail to engage employees in meaningful, real world conversations, leaving them disinterested and uninvolved. 

But what if we told you that the solution lies in gamification? What if gamified DEI training could lead your organisation to have more engaged employees, foster meaningful DEI conversations and create a more inclusive work culture?

In this blog post, we’ll explore why DEI trainings matter, why most traditional methods fall short, and how gamified diversity trainings can make a real impact. 

And to show you that it’s more than just talk, we’ll give you a sneak peek into “Discover DEI” – the ready-made DEI training game we’ve developed right here at Seppo. So, let’s dive in and discover the “win-win” of gamified DEI training!

Why are DEI Trainings Important in the Workplace?

DEI trainings are a no-brainer for any organisation. Building a work culture that is diverse and inclusive isn’t just about doing right by the people, it’s also smart for business.

The numbers speak for themselves: 76% of job seekers report diversity as an important factor when assessing job opportunities. Why? Because they prefer to work in environments where they feel valued and included, regardless of factors such as gender, race, age or abilities. 

But the benefits of diverse workplaces go beyond employee satisfaction. Diverse workplaces also have a remarkable track record of achieving higher cash flowhigher profits and higher revenues.  

Then there is the important matter of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures – businesses are now held to a higher standard. Consumers and investors demand greater accountability and sustainability, especially in the “Social” component of ESG, which emphasizes a company’s relationships with individuals, communities and society as a whole.

So the message is clear: to achieve long-term success and sustainability, your company must cultivate a work culture deeply rooted in diversity and inclusion. This is why workplaces everywhere are in dire need of effective and impactful company-wide DEI trainings.

But, as you’re probably well aware, achieving this is easier said than done.

 Why Most DEI Trainings Don’t Work

So, if DEI is so important, why do most traditional diversity trainings fall short?

Surprisingly, two-thirds of HR specialists report little to no positive impact from their diversity training efforts. Even when companies do observe benefits, they often tend to be short-lived.

The problem isn’t the people. If you’ve ever been a participant in or had a hand in organising DEI trainings, you probably know that intentions or interest aren’t to blame.

So what is to blame? The approach.

Many diversity training programs have clung to outdated methods from the days of “sensitivity trainings” back in the 1940s. They may have had a few minor upgrades: lectures are now videos, and lengthy texts are PDFs or presentations. But at their core, the trainings themselves remain largely passive experiences that don’t invite employee engagement. 

It’s no surprise then that employees often view DEI trainings as preachy, boring, tone-deaf, and uncomfortable. In some cases, they can even evoke feelings of anger, resentment and resistance.

Worse yet, DEI trainings often come across as disconnected from the day-to-day reality of the workforce. Imagine an employee gazing at a lifeless presentation filled with statistics and case studies, wondering, “What does this have to do with me?”.

In the end, DEI trainings often become little more than a checkbox exercise, leaving employees without the lasting understanding needed to truly foster a diverse, inclusive and welcoming work environment.

The result? Companies committed to diversity struggle to translate it into everyday workplace realities. All because their DEI trainings are neither engaging nor effective.

But at Seppo, we build and gamify training programs all the time. Which is how we know that DEI trainings can, in fact, be both engaging and effective. 

The secret ingredient? Gamification.

How Gamification Works for DEI Trainings

You might be wondering if it’s really possible to fix the failures of traditional DEI trainings with “fun and games”. And we get it.

But let us assure you, gamification is far more than just a good time.

Read more about how to engage employees with gamification.

In fact, when it comes to tackling complex subjects like DEI, gamification offers just the kind of engagement, excitement and motivation that employees need during trainings.

Here’s how gamification can work wonders for your DEI training:

  • Engagement through play: Gamification makes learning and training more fun. Employees are more willing to participate, and look forward to gamified activities that actively involve them. Increased participation means reduced resistance, open minds, and a smoother, more enjoyable DEI training experience.
  • Memorable experiences: Traditional diversity trainings fail because the knowledge gained quickly fades. Which is why DEI trainings fail to translate into lasting actions or a more inclusive workplace culture. To truly make an impact, DEI trainings need to be memorable and engaging.

By using storytelling techniques, vibrant characters, and interactive scenarios, gamified DEI trainings improve information retention and recall. The knowledge and lessons learned during the training linger in employees’ minds, leading to real, long-term change.

  • Theory to practice: Diversity isn’t just a theoretical concept – it thrives on action! In gamified trainings, dull, detached documents are replaced with interactive challenges; employees get to actually make decisions and apply DEI principles to real-life work situations. This hands-on approach fosters greater empathy and allows them to see issues from various perspectives, resulting in a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Download our whitepaper: Gamification in DEI: The Golden Nugget?

Speaking of ‘theory to practice’, we think that’s enough talk. Time to see gamified DEI trainings in action!

Sneak Peek: The World of Gamified DEI Training

Let’s explore how gamified DEI training can be applied in your workplace, using a sneak peek into Seppo’s innovative, ready-made game: “Discovering DEI.


“Discovering DEI” is designed to introduce workforces to the world of DEI principles and help them apply their knowledge to relatable, real-world situations. Players will face and make choices, challenge their assumptions, and engage in critical thinking about diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

Discovering DEI: The Gameplay

The game takes players through various essential DEI topics, from the subtleties of privilege to the realities of unconscious bias. Several scenarios invite employees to step into the shoes of co-workers with drastically different needs, backgrounds, and life experiences.

But beyond that, the game also delves into the finer nuances of DEI concepts. In one scenario, employees face complex workplace situations, touching on themes like paternity leave and gender-neutral facilities. Here, they must work out whether a given example demonstrates equity or equality. And just like in real life, sometimes the answer is neither!



Scenarios like this embody the essence of “Discovering DEI”. Within a DEI training game, employees learn to navigate real-world dilemmas that challenge their existing beliefs and biases. The game explores DEI concepts through complex, real-world experiences, where making the right choice isn’t always straightforward but is undeniably important. 

Learn more about “Discover DEI” – the diversity training game!

Why We Created a DEI Training Game

At Seppo, we create training games for organisations across various sectors. And we’ve heard the resounding call for an engaging, effective DEI training game loud and clear. 

DEI is an essential value for any organisation. But creating a diverse and inclusive workplace remains an ongoing challenge. 

That’s why we developed “Discovering DEI”, in collaboration with Dakota Robin, a human rights trainer and DEI expert with years of experience in training professionals and organisations on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our goal with “Discovering DEI” is simple: to offer organizations a fun, engaging and most importantly, effective way to initiate company-wide DEI discussions. We hope this game encourages organisations to begin their DEI journey with ease – and inspires employees to break down barriers and work to create a more inclusive workplace, all while having a fun experience.

Truly, a ”win-win” for everyone!

“Level Up” Your DEI Training

As organisations everywhere embrace the path to an inclusive future of work, the road ahead can be challenging. With gamified DEI training, however, you’ve got a valuable edge over traditional training methods.

So whether you’re just starting out on your DEI journey or looking to revamp your current training, “Discovering DEI” is a fun yet effective and engaging way to ensure your organisation is truly on the road to becoming a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Ready to take your DEI training to the next level? Find out what “Discovering DEI” can do for your organisation!

Or contact us today and get your organisation started on the road to becoming more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.