Onsite training cancelled? How to move on?

Riku Alkio
Riku Alkio
Onsite training cancelled? How to move on?

There are continuous flow of news that onsite training events and company seminars are being cancelled in different parts of the world. Something has to be done, trainings must be delivered also under the new circumstances. Gamified online learning is a great option for different training needs.

Online learning is nothing new to HR professionals but how to make it more efficient and engaging, that is the question. How to replace the scheduled onsite trainings and get people involved with the content in an easy and cost effective way?

Gamification has proven to be extremely effective method to motivate employees in online courses. Why does gamification work? Game elements like instant feedback, rewards, levels and the overall feeling of progress keep players active and focused. It is something else than just watching an online video, filling questionnaires and writing answers. Gamification increases willingness to take part, contribute and be more productive. https://www.talentlms.com/blog/gamification-survey-results/

Luckily there are software solutions available that are built to take advantage of gamification. Seppo is one of the leading gamification solutions for corporate training. In our approach we are focusing on learner experience and usability. Gamification elements feel natural, not something that comes on top of everything. Game elements like instant feedback, rewards, levels and the overall feeling of progress keep players active and focused.

Autonomy, relatedness and competence are the things that make people feel motivated. By turning an online training into a gamified learning experience we can offer those elements to participants.

Seppo is a modern, agile, mobile and pragmatic tool both for trainers and students. It has been created by the educational experts from Finland. With Seppo, gamification can be implemented either for onsite trainings or for online learning. One of the best things about Seppo is the fact that the trainer can be in real-time contact with students through Seppo’s communication channels.

The social interaction is there and communication is done either with chat or using the feedback channel.

Cancelling of onsite trainings gives a great opportunity for trainers to test and implement new methodologies of teaching. Doing it in a traditional way is not motivating for anyone in the long run, not for students nor teachers.

By using Seppo it is super easy to create gamified online lessons and courses. Players can join the game wherever they are. Just share the game QR code and the game is on. Seppo can be integrated to LMSs and our reporting tools help the trainers keep track on the student’s progress.

As the convid virus has many negative effects on society and business it also opens ways of bringing new ways to train people.

Take the chance and try it out. The Seppo pedagogical team will help you to get started.

You can contact us at Enable JavaScript to view protected content., and learn more about Seppo at seppo.io.