Gamification in DEI: The Golden Nugget?

Gamification is an excellent way to make an impact with your DEI strategy communication.

Does your organisation need an effective way to promote DEI and discuss the importance of DEI in the workplace? –Gamification offers a recipe for success

Discover the transformative power of gamification in fostering an inclusive workplace, gain practical strategies to promote empathy and behaviour change, and uncover actionable steps to turn your DEI efforts into measurable results.

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The white paper looks into trends and the real reasons why DEI programs fail and provide you with a recipe to do it better. In the whitepaper it’s explored why gamification is best suited for creating DEI-related interventions that are focused on storytelling, creating empathy, and behavioral change.

We believe strongly that gamification is one of the best-suited techniques to incorporate in DEI interventions in order to create behavioral change that will make you successful in your DEI objectives and mission.

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