Implement strategy or values in practice with a mobile game

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We've created a pre-configured game templates to help you build your training - Use as such or modify to suit your needs

Recruitment game template Onboarding game template Safety training game template Customer service training game template Corona exit game template

Create a gamified strategy or values training easily with Seppo platform - Modify a ready made template.

Seppo platform enables you to create gamified trainings - Easily and quickly.

Introducing strategy or values to employees is often done with boring presentations with little resonance to real work tasks.

Gamified mobile training commits and engages - You can do this yourself with Seppo platform

An interactive game is a great way to bind strategy or values to practical work tasks. By making employees think about the issues through their own work ensures that they both understand and commit better.

Building a gamified strategy or values training is easy with Seppo's pre-configured strategy game template

Modify the template to suit your needs, or just page through for ideas, and then build your own game from scratch - you choose how you want to use the game template.

All Seppo annual SaaS-licences include several pre-configured training game templates.

Game template designed to help you build an understandable and practical strategy or value training game

Big picture in bite size work related game tasks. Use as such or modify to suit your needs.

Introduce strategy or values to employees in a fun way.

Bind to every-day-work.

Make employees think, do and act.

Practical and understandable introduction to strategy or values.

This is an example game template included in Seppo SaaS licences. You can easily modify the game to suit your needs. Take a copy, change the theme, gameboard and tasks, and use as you like.

Get a closer look at the game template.

You choose how you use Seppo - Build yourself or take advantage of our modifiable game templates

A gamified strategy or value introduction makes people commit and actively participate

Read a customer case: How can introducing a new strategy be gamified?

Gamification with Seppo platform adds engagement and practicality to strategy implementation processes. Many of our customers use Seppo for both strategy and value processes.

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All our pre-configured game templates are included in your annual Seppo SaaS-licence

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