Gamified Corporate Training To Introduce New Environmental System

AINS Group gamified their training with Seppo to introduce their new ISO 14001 environmental system. Read their success story to find out how it made training more engaging and fun for the company's employees.
Liisa Jäätvuori, AINS Group

Director of Sustainability and New Services

AINS Group Gamifies Training To Introduce New Environmental System

AINS Group is a developer consulting house working in the construction and property industry. The Construction section of AINS Group consists of about 200 experts. With its roots in Tampere there are already AINS Group offices in five different cities around Finland.

The paths of Seppo and AINS Group met as the AINS Group was looking for a way to familiarise staff after they had implemented the ISO 14001-compliant environmental system. The teaching method had to be effective, preferably fun, and such that didn’t overload the staff too much. It was also important that it could be used for introducing the content of the environmental system to new employees as soon as they enter the house.

“The game was technically quite easy to make. The hardest part was thinking about the content for the game. That, of course, would come to the fore in lecture training as well. It took less than a month from the idea to the finished game. In the beginning, we received a short introduction of how to use it from the Seppo team and there were a lot of questions at that point. After the introduction, building the game went well. ” says Liisa Jäätvuori from AINS Group, Director of Sustainability and New Services.

The reception of the game was good and many who have played it have found it a fun and an instructive way to train. Liisa Jäätvuori thinks that compared to normal lecture-based learning, the game requires trainees to get acquainted with the matter and probably focus better. The game consists of tasks, some of which the player can answer after watching a short video, but some tasks require the player to search for information a bit.