CZ Transforms Onboarding with Seppo: A Game Full of Knowledge, Interaction, and Fun

Dutch insurance company CZ needed a new approach to employee training. With Seppo they added gamification to their onboarding process and turned it into an interactive adventure. Read more!
Janneke van Loon, CZ

The Corporate Recruiter

CZ Transforms Onboarding with Seppo: A Game Full of Knowledge, Interaction, and Fun

In a world where traditional onboarding was just one-way information flow,  with the help of Seppo, CZ has revolutionized its approach to welcoming new team members. Janneke van Loon, the Corporate Recruiter at CZ, shares her enthusiasm about the transformation that has taken place through the use of gamification.

CZ is a Dutch health insurance company with over 4.1 million policyholders, and 2,600 employees with headquarters in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

A New Era in Onboarding: From Information to Interaction

Previously, onboarding at CZ focused on passing on information to new employees for two days, tells Janneke van Loon. But she acknowledges that in that way, a lot of information didn’t stick. It was clear that a change was needed.

“We want to activate our new employees, let them think for themselves, and let them work together,” Janneke describes their new vision for onboarding. “We want to make each department visible, make it clear what they do, and help the new employees understand what their contribution to the big picture is.”

Departments in the Spotlight: Gamification in Action

One of the highlights of the game is how each department at CZ presents itself in a unique way.

“It is super fun to have all the departments think for themselves how they will become visible in the game,” Janneke notes.

“The Finance department has turned the annual schedule into a Human Timeline where the new employees stand in the right order themselves, very interactive,” she enthuses. “And the fraud department is putting everyone on alert to recognize fraud. In the game, they conduct a fraud investigation with practical agendas and analytical skills. It’s a real eye-opener.”

Efficiency in Overdrive: Onboarding without losing operational efficiency

Traditional onboarding at CZ had a downside: when new people joined, it crippled the organization for an entire day. Every department and employee had to be available to introduce themselves and their department, explaining over and over again what they do. The result? Loss of time, capacity, and operational efficiency.

With the new onboarding game, that’s a thing of the past. Janneke van Loon emphasizes this point with conviction:

“Seppo not only helped us create an engaging onboarding experience, but it also contributed significantly to our efficiency. We now not only save time but also remain fully operational.”

The game takes new employees through all departments, and interactions with those departments are now automated in a very playful and challenging way. 

This means no more disruption to daily operations. CZ continues to run smoothly even as new team members discover the ins and outs of the organization.

The Seppo Difference: A Gameplan for Success

CZ’s onboarding program now has a clear and engaging gameplan, all under Seppo’s guidance. “Our desires for more interaction, challenge, and fun have now become very visible in the game,” shares Janneke.

“Seppo has given us the flexibility we need. We don’t want a game that is cast in concrete; we want a game that we can tweak ourselves,” she adds. “And if something doesn’t work out? We can always contact the Seppo team directly; there’s always someone ready to help.”

Future Opportunities: Gamification Beyond Onboarding

CZ sees even more opportunities for gamification within their organization: “In recruitment to get a better and different picture of our candidates and keep them involved with CZ in the meantime,” Janneke explains. “And on our CZ Campus to give an overview of all the good training courses and workshops we offer via a game.”

Stronger Together: A Win-Win Situation

The benefits go beyond just saving time. Janneke explains, “Not only do we now have a challenging onboarding, but our teams are also more engaged. The interactive elements and the challenges in the game create a sense of teamwork.” It’s a win-win situation where CZ has not only transformed its onboarding process but also increased employee engagement and efficiency across the organization. By choosing Seppo, they didn’t just introduce a game; they embraced a strategy that reflects CZ’s core values.