More Engaging, Fun And Effective Learning With Seppo

Gamification increased student engagement and improved learning outcomes at the Educallis College in Brazil. Read the story to find out why teachers at the college love using Seppo for their lessons.
Patricia Fonseca, Educallis College, São Luís, Maranhão

Seppo Brings Engagement To Lessons At Educallis College, São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil

In our college we started using Seppo this year (2019). In the first presentation to the teachers, we saw that everyone was delighted with the possibilities, curious to understand how they could use in their classes and practices, but still with a little fear of the new tool. We promoted some workshops and individual attendance to the teachers, which resulted in the beginning of the use and the experiences were the best possible!

With the students, we promoted a game of presentation of Elementary School for the 6th grade classes. On their first day at the College, they used Seppo to find out in a fun way what awaited them in the new series. The activity took place in a spectacular way!

In addition to learning about the news of the new cycle, students had fun and it was possible to do a greater integration between new and old students.

We have also used Seppo in a field lesson, using the offline gaming feature. Everything worked very well and the lesson was very focused and exciting for students and teachers.

The use has only grown and teachers are increasingly seeking the tool as a way to engage students and streamline lessons.

With each activity we are more involved and excited about the platform! Our objective is increasingly to develop the use among teachers and to promote greater engagement of students with the content taught and put into practice with the use of the platform.