Seppo's Game of The Month in August onboards to school and builds group cohesion

Seppo's Game of The Month in August onboards to school and builds group cohesion
In August, Seppo’s Game of The Month is all about new ideas and onboarding. New students and teachers start the school year in many places. Regardless whether you’re old or new, you need to regroup and learn to work together in the school surroundings for another year.

Exploration in Lukkari School, created by Sanna Nousiainen from Nurmijärvi, Finland is an onboarding game with some real thought behind it. The game makes students explore their school, work together in groups, search for information, and even use foreign languages. 

Working together and physically moving around the school premises helps build group cohesion, really important at any time. Sanna has also really used creativity in her exercises. The answers are not all found by just finding the right place inside the school building. Sometimes you have to encrypt a code to get the question in the first place.

and sometimes finding the answer to a simple matching pairs exercise requires a walkthrough of different classes.

Students also get to contribute, and for instance can introduce their favourite spot in the recess area. 

Sanna told us that she used some time to build the game, and also included things like students’ artwork and posters in the questions. And they liked it. No answers spilled even though the game was played in various days. You’ll find Sanna’s game in Seppo game library in Finnish, and a shorter version with some of the exercises translated in English is added in the library with the name “Exploration to Lukkari School”. 

Thank you, Sanna, for sharing your game and spreading great ideas!

Seppo <3 this!

Published 23.8.2019