Teachers play at Educa

Teachers play at Educa

Visitors are invited to join the Educa game, which takes the players around the expo centre to explore the exhibition and the program.

Educa, the largest event for the education and training sector in Finland, will be held 29–30 January 2016. This year the theme is digitalisation of teaching and learning. By joining the Educa game visitors can explore the exhibition and the program in a fun way. The game is played with smartphones and tablets by moving around the expo centre. The players must complete tasks that require creativity, playfulness and utilising location-based information.

We have created the game in cooperation with the main organizer Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö OAJ, the Trade Union of Education.

Join the game and win a prize! The prizes include seppo licences and iPads. To join the game login on our home page. The login code will be updated in January.

Also in Educa

Fri 29 Jan, 2016 13.00–13.45, Tahto stage
Gamification saves? – New ways to engage in learning
Riku Alkio, CEO

What does digitalisation mean to teachers? How to utilise mobile technology in learning? Are games a solution?

Fri 29 & Sat 30 Jan, 2016 14.00–14.45, Classroom of the future
Game-based learning outside the classroom
Eeva Myller, Pedagogical Specialist

Phenomenon-based and project-based learning can be realised also outside the classroom. What will change when you turn it into a game?

Published 7.12.2015