Gamification helps increase employee engagement and motivation

Gamification done right

Gamification is a powerful way to motivate and engage. Research shows:

  • 80% increase in learner engagement and learning results
  • 79% increase in productivity and motivation

when gamification is used effectively.

This is also the reason why more and more companies are looking for ways to use gamification in their employee trainings.

What makes gamification so effective?

It all comes down to understanding some basic psychology behind any game, and knowing your audience.

Seppo Whitepaper: Motivation Through Gamification

Effective use of gamification in employee trainings requires more than using flashing leaderboards, badges and points. When done right, gamification builds internal motivation, and real company goals can be met and exceeded.

Read more about what it takes to use gamification successfully in learning, and download our gamification whitepaper below.

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