Seppo Game of the Month: Year 6 - Coordinates & Polygons: The Last Lap

Seppo Game of the Month: Year 6 - Coordinates & Polygons: The Last Lap

In February we bring you a mathematics game!

Year 6 - Coordinates & Polygons: The Last Lap is a car race - themed game made in English for age groups 7-9 and 10-12. The game is part of a Seppo+ game package that was created based on English curriculum learning objectives for our United Arab Emirates market. This game is free and accessible for all Seppo users, so you should definitely check it out!

The game consists of eight exercises, some of which can be completed using only Seppo and for some of them students need a piece of paper and a pencil to draft their answer first. Students are expected to work together in some of the exercises, for example in the one they need to explain what translations are and record their answer. In another exercise students need to identify the names of different quadrilaterals, that are provided in the assignment. And in one exercise they are even expected to play a round of battleships! Who wouldn't enjoy that?

The game combines many different execise types and at the same time combines pair work and individual work. A nice example of a game in which you complete exercises in Seppo, but also need to figure out some of the answers "outside" it. Despite the specific target group of the game, it is off course easily adapted to all math class needs. We believe that it is interesting to any mathematics teacher, no matter the country you teach in.

You can find the game in the Seppo game library.

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Published 14.2.2020