Kimmo Vaahtoluoto, Savonlinna Vocational College: Games work very well as an orientation and motivation to the theme

Kimmo Vaahtoluoto
Kimmo Vaahtoluoto
Lecturer Restaurant Services, Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services, Savonlinna Vocational College

I heard about seppo in a training and after that I found out how to use it by myself. Best things about seppo are ease-of-use, operability in web browsers and enabling student-centered and experiential learning.

I have built several games with seppo. One of them was a breakfast game which was part of a breakfast course belonging to the degree. In the game students visited four different hotels where they assessed the breakfast buffet (for example quality of customer service, food and drinks) using seppo. Later we went through the tasks at the school and after that students continued with the theme by cooking different breakfasts. The game worked very well as an orientation and motivation to the theme.

Another game we made was ”StreetFood ActionGame 9” that we build to ninth graders who came to visit our school. The idea was to go around the stalls in 3-4 person groups and complete tasks which were based on big cities’ food culture. In New York's stall, for example, groups had to prepare tiny hamburgers. They used as a guide a tutorial video that our own students had made earlier. These videos and assignment worked very well because mentors didn’t have to give instructions to everyone individually. So it really decreased our workload during the game. The game contained also chocolate tasting, fruit identification task and identification of chilis. They later used the chilis for making soup. Over 160 persons played the game during one week and it got very good feedback. We are really proud of this game and we will definitely play it again.