Seppo surprises positively! The best things about Seppo are its functionality, gamefulness and possibilities to produce multimedia content.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Irma Mänty, Development Manager, Learning Solutions

Laurea has used Seppo since 2016, and games have been created for various purposes. In the study periods teachers from different areas have used Seppo for teaching the subjects.

For example, in the bachelor of Social Studies’ program a whole study period of language and cultures was done with Seppo.

In the intensive course of service design, Seppo was used for studying the contents and for building group cohesion.


A Seppo game appropriately eased studying in the intensive course and the gameplay made the students excited about the assignments. The game supported creative work as students were able to produce i.e. pictures and videos as answers.

Seppo is used for teaching and trainings

Besides studying factual contents, Seppo-games have been used for onboarding. New students have have been able to play a game during the first week of studying. In the game they’ve gotten to know the facilities and systems on campus.

Laurea's staff has also played Seppo, as the games have been used to develop team collaboration and train digital tools. Seppo has been praised for its ease of use, as creating games does not require any special skills from the instructor and playing a game is easy for the learners.

Seppo has worked well, and overall we’ve liked the ease of use. You don’t have to teach students how to play a game.

Playing Seppo games has received good feedback from students and teachers.

The feedback from a game is always similar, everyone is happy to be able to do this. A usual feedback is that playing is fun and refreshing. The game flow catches on!

Click here to watch a video to learn more, how Laurea is using Seppo. 

Tuija Marstio, A Lecturer at Laurea interviews Senior lecturer Lloyd Bethell about how he's using gamification with Seppo in his lessons.