Mikko Siitonen, History & Social studies teacher: Learning should be a fun process

Mikko Siitonen
Mikko Siitonen
Teacher of History and Social Studies, Urheilupuisto School, Mikkeli

Seppo has enabled me to create classroom-based, historical games covering different topics. I've included pictures, texts and facts that help students to answer the questions.

One activity we organised was a multidisciplinary theme day, where the pupils took part in an 'Amazing race' style tour. Some of the tasks were given in a foreign language. The topics of the tasks ranged from poetry to social studies.

'This is great, we want more of this', the pupils commented about the city race. A lot of the pupils put in a 100 %, and worked up a sweat completing the race.

From the teacher's point of view, there are challenges to game-based learning, as you'll have to open your mind to a new way of thinking. However, I believe it's worth all the effort, because learning should be a fun process.