Pauliina Lankinen, Lecturer in Biotechnology: Seppo facilitates building group cohesion

Pauliina Lankinen
Pauliina Lankinen
Lecturer in Biotechnology, University of Helsinki

We have used seppo especially for the freshers' induction periods. Viikki campus is large, so we created a Viikki campus adventure on seppo to introduce the new students not only to each other but also to the premises and the people operating here.

The students were going around Viikki in small groups and solving different tasks with photographs and interviews. One of the tasks was to get to know your department's professor, which made it less of a big deal to get in contact with them. Gamification and playfulness encouraged the students to be more social.

I think the best thing in seppo is that it makes the students more self-directed. A group has to be self-organised and take responsibility for its success. Thanks to seppo, jumping into unknown university life has been a positive and social experience for freshers.