K-rauta hardware store: Seppo can work well also for corporate use

K-Rauta Hardware store
Sari Hujanen, B2C Development Director, Kesko

Kesko tested seppo in a training trip to America. A group of hardware store managers and employees from supporting functions went to New York to attend NRF-retail-store seminar. During the trip, the group also visited local hardware- and other stores. Mobiles phones were used for solving exercises during the trip.

”We entered this trip really open minded about customer experience and use of technology, and therefore we found it quite appropriate to also test something new ourselves. Doing things differently helps in thinking creatively also from customer’s perspective”, says Sari Hujanen, Development Director of Kesko Hardware Store, B2C sector. 

Hujanen acted as a game instructor who received the players’ answers from the game. Before the trip she received a short introduction to seppo. She created the exercises on the platform before the trip. According to Hujanen, creating exercises was easy and fast.

It was game on straight from the airport

The group logged in to the gameboard and completed their first exercise already at the airport. The first exercise acted as an orientation to the game. At the end of the trip, the last exercise gathered together the feelings from the trip fresh from memory. During the trip, the game included exercises from each of the speaches from the seminar and from store visits. The group had to think about the content of the speeches or document something seen or experienced while visiting the stores.

Lessons learned and experienced were documented on the spot

”The best thing was that everything learned and experienced could be documented on the spot. Seppo motivates to complete the exercises right away while fresh in memory during the visit. As a comparison, after the trip, I asked people to send the main points from the trip in an email, but received hardly any responses”, describes Hujanen.

It’s possible to also save pictures offline on seppo. The taken images are saved and uploaded once the player is back online. While pictures taken during trips and events often are forgotten inside the phone archives, on seppo, the answers can be downloaded into a pdf-report with pictures and videos included. It’s easier to develop initial thoughts and ideas further with this information.

Use for seppo also in the future

”Seppo would really suite well for corporate use, for especially longer trainings, where it could be used as a learning journal. In other hand, flash exercises could be used to give immediate information on i.e. how accurate news affects the stores or product categories, plans Hujanen. Our experience on seppo is hugely positive!”